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Here’s a quick(ish) guide to get your project prepped and exported for post audio. There are a few ways to accomplish the task. This is simply the way that works best for our current workflow.



Note: Your project should be picture locked prior to sending. Further edits may result in added cost to your project and/or extend the date of completion substantially.


1) Export your “Picture Locked” project with your rough audio printed to it. This is the video we will use for sync unless updated with VFX and/or Color. I currently have no rule of thumb on the quality of export so long as the file size is relatively manageable.

Please include:

A. A 2 pop with countdown. This will occur at the beginning of your project as well as the end.

B. Time code burned in at the proper frame rate of the project. The starting point should be either 0, or 1.

C. Name the files with the client name, project title, and date.


2)Make a duplicate sequence so your main edit remains safe and untouched for the following process. Organize your project’s audio. Consolidate to as few tracks as possible while adhering to the parameters listed here. There are no rules to how many tracks this needs to be. Organization is key for a timely turn around.


Organize audio tracks by content. Do your best to get the track count to as few as possible while still allowing for overlap when needed. Feel free to checkerboard by scene. Name audio tracks giving each one of the following prefixes:


DX = Dialog

OPT = Optional(Character efforts such as grunts, moans, screams etc. not directly connected to dialog, sound effects containing language like tv’s radios etc.)

SFX = Sound Effects

Mus = Music/Score


Make sure your dialog and optional tracks are mono!

The first track(s) should be your top choice of dialog from your edit. The dialog printed to your picture lock previously exported. This should contain duplicated audio from the synced recorded audio. To this track(s) ad the suffix-PL





The next tracks should be the synced recorded audio microphone options. Organize these tracks by the source.







Optional tracks should be handled more or less the same way. It is also okay to leave the character efforts in the dialog tracks for us to separate if unsure.







SFX tracks are relatively simple and by now I’m betting your getting the picture.





SFX-4…. And so on.


Music and Score similarly…





Your music/score tracks should be at least stereo.


Lastly, remove fades, clip gain and any tracks that are duplicates or unnecessary for our purposes.


Okay now that we have the boring stuff out of the way and your project is organized. Hit Save! It’s time to export.


Select File>Export>OMF









Name your project and use these exact settings. Create folder with the same project title. Export to that folder.



Once completed compress the containing folder and send it on over via your favorite file sharing platform.


Send to:


You’re done!



If you have any questions or issues please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Film Audio Prep Procedure

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