Michael Thomas Silva

Mixer and Audio Engineer 







Using state of the art software, and analog outboard gear;I take your raw recorded tracks and blend them to taste. I run most of my mixes to tape(Telefunken M15)(prior to mastering)for that added depth and fatness only real tape can provide.

Up to 48 Source Tracks

Mixing up to forty eight (48) source tracks(Typically full instrumental music including drums, piano, guitars, etc.) 


(add $25 Tape fee)

Up to 10 source tracks

Mixing up to ten (10) source tracks(Typically for rap/hiphop or acoustic music).  


(add $25 Tape Fee)




This is where your mix comes alive. I run most mixes to tape(Telefunken M15)(prior to mastering)for that added depth and fatness only real tape can provide. Using the state of the art software as well as analog outboard gear I'll take your mix and gives it that punch, polish, and sheen that will make your music shine. This is the final step in the process that makes your song ready for distribution. Be it itunes, CD, or film, your audience will be impressed.




Book your time to record with me at your favorite studio. Contact to request your dates.   

$30/Hour $250/Day

(Sessions in my private studio available for select clients.

Add cost of studio time.

Additional Per Diem for travel if not local)



This includes fades, cuts, rearranging, drum time alignment, vocal tuning etc.. A deposit of half of total estimated charges required to schedule. Contact for free consultation.



This is typically management for production of a given project. I can oversee the artistic direction, sound, studio musicians, and post production for your project. Contact for free consultation.


(+ 3 point credit on digital sales)



I grew up in a musical family surrounded by it. Early on my passion was evident, and my future in music would be my only path. 


As the former Chief Engineer at Blackbeard Recording Studios(Houston, TX)of 6 years; I have over 16 years of experience working in audio and music. Since going freelance in early 2018, I have been able to be more selective and follow the projects I am absolutely passionate about. I push the boundaries of genre specific recording and production. I've worked in just about any genre you are likely to hear these days. I have the ability to capture the vibe and feel of the artist. Accentuating and embellishing the artist's original idea, I aim to create a dreamscape, eliminating the distance between the artist's mind and the listener.  


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